De minuut van De Kat


An "Arise and Walk" moment it never was. Instead, this difficult pregnancy took quite some time. We had to wait a quarter of a century. Meanwhile, the dad was trying to make it all clear to us using drawings and sketches. But to no avail: we didn't need ultrasounds, we wanted a real baby: the kind that utters his first scream and in no time is running around in every direction.

Frankenstein-like, Philippe Geluck and his team toiled day and night, weekends and holidays included, to give birth to this endearing monster.

And here we go: A Child Is Born. He actually exists, he can move, he can speak. He took his first steps on August 29, on "La Une" (RTBF, Belgian television); and then on September 5 on "France 2".

We are happy to welcome you into our team's private sphere of full-time creativity. And since the friends of our friends are also our friends, go ahead and spread the word; we can always squeeze in a few more friends.

True to our motto "There's a bit more, will you have it?", we'll gladly add an excerpt of the making-of, just for you.

  • The Case The Cat, by Jean-Sébastien Delacroix
  • The making-of, by Baudouin Dubois (music by Michel Janssens)
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